What to Expect

Checking In

You and your child will be introduced to the dental team in the waiting area.  We have created a welcoming and fun environment for all children and their parents. While at our office, kids watch the latest movies playing on TVs in the ceilings and wall mounted flat screen TVs all around the office, play cool video games on iPads and in our Pirate’s Pier video game arcade, love the soft sculptured and inviting sea life play center in our reception room, delight in our bubble wall, and enjoy a variety of entertaining toys and books.

Walking into a new building could be a roadblock. That’s ok! You are welcome to wait in the comfort of your vehicle.


We carefully select compassionate well-skilled and professional team members. Each one of our employees offers their own special touch to our practice. They are very dedicated to seeing that your child is well cared for and you are both happy with the dental visit.  Based on your submitted patient questionnaire, your child will be given a dental assistant with a specific personality that best fits your child’s personality! The dental assistant will be your patient liaison and give your family a tour of the office.  Feel free to ask questions!

Completing Your Appointment

The goal of each appointment is to complete a dental examination, x-rays, cleaning, or even dental treatment.  However, we understand that each child’s limits are different.  If your child becomes overwhelmed we will want to complete a Getting to Know You appointment – the goal of which would be sitting in the chair and becoming comfortable with dental instruments, sights, and smells through a show and tell. After the Getting to Know You appointment, we encourage a follow-up appointment shortly after to complete a recare or dental treatment appointment.

Special Care Tools and Toys

We are equipped to comfort your child throughout their dental appointment.  We have individual IPads and TV’s to play games and watch movies, weighted blankets, vibrating and squishy sensory toys.  

Thank you!

We greatly enjoy getting to know every single person behind those beautiful teeth that we care for. Thank you for being part of our dental family! It is our sincere desire to make every child’s dental experience an enjoyable one. By treating our patients with kindness and respect, we hope to develop a positive relationship of trust and confidence that will last a lifetime!