Your child’s first appointment can be challenging! Our board-certified pediatric specialists have unique expertise and extra training in treating individuals with special health care needs.   We have developed a customizable program specific for you and your child.

Information is Key! 

After scheduling your first appointment, a detailed questionnaire will be promptly sent to your email. Take your time answering each question about your child’s medical history, social behavior, and which things positively and negatively triggers your child. You know your child best and are the most important advocate for your child’s successful first dental appointment!

Visually Prepare

We have developed a pictorial Social Story which tours the office and offers the opportunity for your child to become familiar with dental tools in the comfort of your own home! View on your phone, tablet, or desktop!  Explore and see what a fun place the dental office can be! 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice with your child laying down, opening your mouth, and brushing your teeth. Use a small flashlight or mirror to look into each other’s mouths. Ask for take-home dental tools where your child can play dentist while wearing a mask and scented gloves! This can be rewarding for you and your child!

Facing Your Fears

Fear of the dentist can come from many different variables: a scared parent or sibling sharing a story, an unfamiliar environment, or even the sight of a professional in scrubs can be a trigger. The Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network research has shown that patients with Autism do particularly well if they can see the same staff and same dentist for every appointment. ( A Getting To Know You visit is the perfect opportunity to meet the dental staff and become familiar with the office surroundings. We enjoy establishing a trusting friendship with each child and their parents.  We teach parents that is fun to converse with their child using our gentle dental terminology! Give it a try!

‘We’re going to count your teeth’ – Examination

‘Tooth Counter’ – Explorer

‘Pictures of Teeth’ – Xrays

‘Teeth Vitamins’ – Flouride Varnish

‘Tooth Paint’ – Sealants

‘Straw’ – Suction

‘Wiggle Tooth’ – Extraction

‘Jelly’ – Topical Anesthetic

‘Sleepy Juice’ – Novocain Shot

‘Fuzzy, Warm’ – Numb Feeling

‘Pillow’ – Cotton

‘Tooth Bug’ – Cavity 

‘Mr. Bumpy’ – Slow Speed Drill

‘White Star’ – Composite Filling

‘Silver/White Hat’ – Silver/White Crown