Our greatest compliments are your reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We are dedicated to the oral health of infants, children of all ages, young adults, and patients with special needs. We are passionate about pediatric and adolescent dental care and orthodontics and treat all children as if they were our own. We truly enjoy being a part of our patient’s lives, developing relationships of trust and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Jan W Yelp Review “This place is a dream dentist office. I searched heavily for a great dentist for my daughter (2 years old). I had noticed some markings on her front teeth and they were growing in uneven. I originally went to a dentist that was recommended to me in Chico. He told me she would have to have 7 crowns and it would have to be done ASAP to save the teeth. I was shocked… I didn’t know her teeth had gotten this bad. I was so ashamed and sad that I let this happen to my child. I don’t give her juice or sugary treats, so I was astounded she had such a bad problem. I was raised in a family with doctors so I naturally sought out a second opinion (in Reno) then a third opinion (Sacramento). The 2 other doctors told me she would have to have her four front teeth extracted and metal crowns put on the back top 2 teeth. I was just not happy with the way any 3 doctors I went to treated the situation. This is my child, she is special to me and not just another patient/paycheck. 

I had a friend from The Cameron heights area highly recommended Weideman Pediatrics. I called and spoke with the office to make an appointment. Right away I was impressed with the staff over the phone. The day of my daughter’s first appointment we saw Dr. Chris Lee. I LOVE him, he is so great with children. His patience and compassion is amazing. After he assessed her situation, he said he thinks there is a possibility of saving the front teeth and just doing some fillings in the back. He then answered many of my questions and educated me on why this happens to many babies/toddlers. 

That day I scheduled her surgery. 

The day of her surgery with Dr. Jeff Sue I was apprehensive that they were going to be able to save her teeth. I was nervous because my little girl was going to be put under Anesthesia.  I kept picturing afterward an empty smile. Dr. Sue walked out and informed me he was able to save all four front teeth with crowns! I instantly cried and hugged him. He is an amazing Doctor and the best I’ve ever seen. I wish he saw Adult patients lol! 

My daughter is so important to me, I am so happy I found this place. It’s truly different than any other pediatric dentist around. Not just around the Sacramento area but anywhere. Everything has gone so smoothly here, my daughter enjoys the dentist. She even says “Mom I want to see the dentist.” 

I can’t say enough about this office, their staff, and their  top-notch doctors.” 

My newly 2 year old fell and broke his front tooth. They got him in, having not been a preexisting patient, so fast. The…

Posted by Alicia Music on Thursday, February 1, 2018

This place is AMAZING! All the staff were friendly and welcoming. Everyone made us feel comfortable. From the decor, the costume wearing staff, the time taken to educate and answer questions, I give this place a perfect score. I have no complaints or comments for improving. I left feeling amazing about finding this place and feeling like my daughter is in good hands. Since this visit I’ve told everyone I’ve come in contact with that has kids to take them there! I loved how they let my daughter get comfortable with the dentist tools and talked to her for a little bit so that she could warm up to them as well. The Dentist sat with my husband and I to educate us and go over a plan for cavity prevention. My daughter warmed up to everyone so quickly. These people are magical and are amazing with kids. My only complaint is that I’m too old to go there  You will not be disappointed choosing this Dentist office for your little ones.”  Gloria G. – Yelp Review

“I am a physician. When it comes to selecting dentists for my kids, I leave no stones unturned in order to find the best. Skipping 1000 words for the process, I am proud to say that indeed I have found the best. My three kids have been coming here for over 15 years. The best part of this practice is truly the modern top quality of care. Skipping 10,000 words here, I strongly recommend this office.”  Angela W – Yelp Review 

There's nothing better for a busy mom of two toddlers to have my kids scream yesssss!!!! We get to go to the dentist! The entire staff is AMAZING!!

Posted by Joyia Jane Hutchings on Thursday, October 26, 2017

My son has been described as “strong-willed”, which is the polite way of putting it. Dr. Jeff and the staff at Weideman are incredibly patient with him. The office is great and really geared toward kids. We love the big fish tank, too!”  Gabby K – Google Review

I have been taking my 15 year-old daughter here for a few years. She is a special needs wonderfully sensitive and cheerful down syndrome young lady who struggles with a lot of anxiety like I always have as soon as she sits in the chair. The staff here have ALWAYS done whatever it takes to make it a fun experience and make her feel loved and safe ALWAYS. I love, love, love this office and am so grateful for them. The atmosphere here is the best for kids and adults!”  Patricia E – Yelp Review

Have to rave about Weideman Pediatric Dentistry. This is my sixteen-year-old (who has moderate Autism). This morning he…

Posted by Kelly Garrett Supple on Monday, January 23, 2017