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Restorative Dentistry
Citrus Heights, CA

Dr. Jeff with patient at Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Citrus Heights, CA.There are occasions when restorative dentistry is an important part of maintaining your child’s healthy smile. Children can chip or break their teeth, develop small cavities, or perhaps take certain medications responsible for discoloration. In these situations, restorative treatments are a necessary part of preserving the functionality and health of the involved teeth. At Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics we offer the treatments that will help to keep your child smiling.

The Goal of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the practice of restoring your teeth and gums to a healthy and fully functional state. The goal is to restore your smile, and to prevent or reduce the risk of future oral health concerns. The treatments offered will vary based upon the needs of the patient and may involve one or more procedures.

Fillings and Baby Teeth

It is a common misconception that baby teeth do not need fillings. They are going to fall out, after all. However, it is important that cavities are treated. If cavities are left untreated, they will worsen and potentially lead to the need to extract the tooth. This will result in an open space that other teeth will shift into. Shifting teeth can block permanent teeth from being able to grow in correctly, which can result in orthodontic concerns. In addition, a cavity in a tooth can cause discomfort and the risk for an abscess that can progress into a serious infection.

Fillings are typically done using a tooth-colored material called composite. The purpose of the filling material is to fill in the space that results after removing the decay. The filling will restore the functionality of the tooth and help to keep further decay at bay.

The procedure to fill a cavity is fairly straightforward. Once the patient is comfortable and numb, the decay on the tooth will be removed. The tooth will be cleaned and disinfected, and then the filling material will be applied. Fillings are such an important part of restoring good dental health and preventing future problems.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, often referred to as caps, are designed to protect teeth that have severe decay or have undergone pulpotomy therapy. Dental crowns are found in preformed and custom-made options. The preformed crown is typically made from stainless steel or zirconium and is quite durable. They are seen used on baby teeth more so than permanent teeth. Custom-made crowns are designed to fit the tooth specifically, with precise molds taken to ensure that it fits in well with the other teeth. They are used on permanent teeth, and typically made from porcelain. There are other materials used for crowns, depending on where the crown will be placed. Crowns will protect the remaining tooth structure from further damage and restore the way that your child’s mouth functions and looks.

At Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics we recommend that your child be seen by our dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and checkup. Our child-friendly environment helps to set children at ease while they are on their dental wellness journey. Call or text us at (916) 962-0577 to schedule their next cleaning or checkup. It is never too early to start healthy dental habits.


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Restorative Dentistry • Citrus Heights, CA • Weideman Pediatric & Orthodontics
At Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics we offer restorative dentistry treatments that will help to keep your child smiling. Click here to learn more.
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