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Accepting Orthodontic Patients in Sacramento County!
Offering Adults, Teens, and Children Orthodontic Treatment!

Children Braces:

It is already well known to many parents that braces are most often used during the adolescent years. Certain issues, nevertheless, are more easily identified. By age seven, at the latest, we advise an orthodontic evaluation. Children now combine their baby and permanent teeth. We can spot a number of possible issues as permanent teeth erupt and jaws grow. This is the benefit of your child receiving joint treatment from an orthodontist and paediatrician. Both doctors may closely watch over patients as they start their orthodontic journey at the right time.

Early treatment enables the orthodontist to: • correct and direct your child's jaw development; • widen the jaws to make room for permanent teeth; • direct permanent teeth to come in straighter; • make more room for crowded teeth; • avoid the need for complex jaw surgery; • help break habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust, etc.) that can harm teeth position and jaw development; • make chewing food and cleaning teeth easier

Braces for Teenagers

Numerous research have verified that teenagers with a protruding, uneven, or nonfunctioning bite can experience at least three different kinds of issues. First is prejudice based on face appearance; second, oral function issues, such as discomfort or muscular incoordination; and third, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Not only are these issues superficial. They improve living quality significantly.

Teen orthodontics treats conditions like crowded teeth, congenitally missing adult teeth, delayed eruption of adult teeth, spaces between the teeth, and extreme overbite by guiding the teeth and jaws into a "ideal" position before and even through the adolescent growth phase. Orthodontic treatment timing is quite important. The permanent teeth and jaws stand a higher chance of cooperating harmoniously if issues are identified early and addressed.

Adult Braces

We know that adult orthodontics can be as straightforward as a person who had orthodontics as a teenager having their bottom incisors realigned. Making enough room for a crown, implant, or bridge before your dentist inserts such restorations, and adjusting your bite to a functionally stable posture to provide long-term stability of your implants or bridges, are further signs that you should see an adult orthodontist. Orthodontic tooth alignment may be used to better hygiene when periodontal disease is stable and you are receiving treatment from a periodontist.

Many parents of our patients like spending time in orthodontics with their children, even though we mostly treat the orthodontic needs of children and teenagers. Anybody can get orthodontic treatment from us, regardless of age or necessity. One of our aims in aligning the teeth for general oral health is to collaborate with your dentist.


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