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How to Have the Most Amazing Picnics

Posted on 12/6/2021 by Weideman Pediatric & Orthodontics
By: Riley Sue
Group of kids in a human pyramid outside
July was very hot, but as the weather begins to cool down (hopefully) in the next few months, one way to make your day extra special is by having a picnic! There isn’t really a wrong way to have a picnic, but there are definitely some simple ways that your picnic can be brought to a whole new level.


Get a Picnic Basket and a Designated Picnic Blanket.

You can still have a great picnic if you just unload all of your items from a car or grab a random blanket that somehow became your designated outdoor blanket, but there’s something a little more special with the intentionality of a picnic basket and blanket. If you’re serious about your picnicking, this is one of the first things that you can do to take your picnics to a whole new level.
Picknet basket


Plan Your Picnic Foods with Purpose.

Sometimes your favorite and most delicious foods are not picnic-worthy. Consider how many people you will have at your picnic, how easy it will be for people to access the food around a blanket, the temperature of the food and the day (you don’t typically crave large, warm cinnamon rolls on a 100 degree afternoon), and how messy the foods are to eat. As a general rule of thumb, small and simple foods that people can grab easily to put on plates make great picnic foods. But also don’t be afraid to be adventurous and creative in your picnic! One of my favorite picnic items is a cake that everybody can dip their glasses into for a slice (look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about- it’s amazing).

Assorted picnic foods


Pick a Theme.

Or at least consider making some aesthetic plans. In one of my more recent picnics, everybody wanted to get dressed up in some summer dresses. Maybe it’s somebody’s birthday and you want all the food and decorations to center around a specific color. Whatever it is, giving your picnic a theme gives you some direction that transforms a regular picnic into something more.

The last picnic that I went on resulted in moms driving by, saying how cute it was, and explaining how they wanted to join our picnic. I wouldn’t necessarily consider that the end goal of your picnic but these three things have made my picnics more fun for me and my friends and a little more envious to others. Most of all, have fun!


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