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Orthodontics for Children

About two-thirds of the population needs some degree of orthodontic intervention. Most of the causes are the result of a combination of inherited and environmental influences. Our pediatric specialists are trained to work with Dr. Christian Solem to identify individual orthodontic problems in children as early as age seven. As a team, they treat and monitor these problems during childhood to intercept complications as permanent teeth erupt and jaws go through advanced stages of development.

Some influences on teeth and jaw development include jaw size and shape, chewing and biting forces, habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrust, tooth grinding, and mouth breathing, prenatal pressure against the face of a baby (fetal molding), various inherited conditions, muscle weakness, missing teeth, extra teeth, crowding, early loss of primary teeth, or trauma.

Early Treatment Allows the Orthodontist to:

1. Correct and guide your child’s jaw growth.

2. Widen the jaws to make room for permanent teeth.

3. Guide permanent teeth to come in straighter.

4. Create more space for crowded teeth.

5. Prevent permanent tooth extraction.

6. Prevent the need for complicated jaw surgery.

7. Help curb habits that can damage teeth position and jaw development.

8. Make chewing food and cleaning teeth easier.

Orthodontics for Teens

As children reach the adolescent stages of life, their permanent teeth have all come in and braces or Invisalign may be required. A lot goes into deciding what type of orthodontics will be recommended. Dr. Christian and our team will look at the positions of teeth and jaws in addition to facial proportions and symmetry. Bite measurements, evaluation of the gums and teeth, opening and function of the jaws and motivation of the individual are all taken into consideration.

Teens may have the choice between traditional metal braces, clear brackets, or ceramic (white) brackets. Invisalign provides a simple solution with the virtual invisibility of clear aligners.  The smooth comfortable plastic aligners are removable for easy cleaning and to allow you to eat whatever you want.  Any option is a good option when it comes to making your smile beautiful and building confidence!

Orthodontics for Adults

We love to see Mom, Dad, Grandparents and other adults excited about straightening their teeth. More adults are choosing to straighten their teeth now because they understand the importance of a healthy mouth and want to feel better about their appearance. A few of our parents have decided to do braces alongside their children for a fun experience together.


Why Adult Braces?

1. Crowded teeth that are difficult to clean and can lead to gum disease.

2. Jaw pain or muscle strain from the improper jaw and tooth alignment.

3. Tooth chipping or cracking from misaligned teeth and improper bite.

4. Tooth alignment that makes it hard for your dentist to do dental work such as implants or crowns.

5. A beautiful smile adds confidence and youth, helping you to succeed in your personal and professional life.

6. Chewing is easier with well-aligned teeth and jaws.

Digital Orthodontics

Dr. Solem embraces the digital age of orthodontics to ultimately benefit your orthodontic experience. The Itero digital tooth scanner is a welcome alternative to those worrisome and messy dental impressions. Diagnostic reports include digital health and dental records, digital photographs, digital x-rays, and 3D digital tooth models. 3D printed technology is also utilized to place brackets and retainers. Dr. Christian works with Invisalign to create guided digital aligners for tooth movement. He also prescribes custom bracket placement and digitally planned, robotically bent archwires for faster and more precise results. 

Complimentary Teeth Whitening

When you are done with your Orthodontic treatment and you want an even more enhanced radiant smile, you are able to request complimentary custom-made whitening trays with gel. We want you to show the world your beautiful new smile.

Educational Videos

We have a collection of supportive educational videos to help enhance your hygiene practice at home! From brushing techniques to appliance maintenance – If you have any questions or just need a few tips or tricks, ask you dental assistant to watch the latest educational video.

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