Digital Orthodontics

Dr. Solem embraces the digital age of orthodontics to ultimately benefit your orthodontic experience. The Itero digital tooth scanner is a welcome alternative to those worrisome and messy dental impressions. Diagnostic reports include digital health and dental records, digital photographs, digital x-rays, and 3D digital tooth models. 3D printed technology is also utilized to place brackets and retainers. Dr. Christian works with Invisalign to create guided digital aligners for tooth movement. He also prescribes custom bracket placement and digitally planned, robotically bent archwires for faster and more precise results. 

Complimentary Teeth Whitening

When you are done with your Orthodontic treatment and you want an even more enhanced radiant smile, you are able to request complimentary custom-made whitening trays with gel. We want you to show the world your beautiful new smile.

Educational Videos

We have a collection of supportive educational videos to help enhance your hygiene practice at home! From brushing techniques to appliance maintenance – If you have any questions or just need a few tips or tricks, ask you dental assistant to watch the latest educational video.

Complimentary WIFI, Beverage Bar & Gaming Area

Endless Smiles Patient Rewards

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