Friendly and Informative Team

Weidemann Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Team

The Disneyland of Dentistry

We are proud of our long-term, highly trained, caring and compassionate team. Each one of our team members offers their own special touch to the practice. They are always attentive to the children, making their dental experiences fun and enjoyable.

Our team members deeply care about each child’s experience and frequently form life-long friendships. Children and parents often request individual team members at appointments.

Several staff members are our former patients, some are parents of our patients, and a few have been in the practice for over twenty years. They are extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to our mission. They all participate in on-going continuing education and brainstorming sessions to make each child’s dental experience the best it can be. All of our team members share in the joy of helping children have rewarding, fun, and magical appointments. Our patients often refer to us as the “Disneyland of Dentistry”.

Our knowledgeable and friendly front staff specialists will help you schedule timely appointments for your child. They will assist you in gaining the maximum benefits from your insurance while keeping your co-payments to a minimum.

Our back staff members spend the extra time it takes to comfort and teaches each child. They personally walk them through each procedure, making sure they understand how and why dentistry is important for them. During oral examination appointments, they provide extensive tooth brushing and flossing instructions and teach good oral health. Nutritional counseling is provided to all children and teens.