Office Celebrations

Did you know we love celebrating lots of holidays in our office? Why there’s almost a new one every week! Some of our “extra” holidays are Nerd Day, Princess Day, Super Hero Day, Comicon and Star Wars Week!  We also have ticket giveaways such as Disneyland Park Hopper, Sunsplash and Six Flag Season Passes! Follow #TeamWeideman @WeidemanDental on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat to stay up to date with our upcoming holidays!

Chalk The Doc!

Chalk The Doc was a huge success! Dr. Christian came out as top dog; however, we couldn’t let him get chalked all by himself! All our of doctors received tons of votes that it just made sense to chalk them all! Watch as the #TeamWeideman Squad gears up to get chalked.  Thank you for all your votes!

Holiday Favorites