Mentoring Program


Many of our patients have been interested in the dental field. In order to help them understand the many facets of dentistry, we offer a mentoring program. Among our star pupils are Dr. Cindy and Dr. Jeff. Dr. Cindy worked as an assistant beginning at age thirteen, while Dr. Jeff (a patient at age three) developed his interest in dentistry during high school. One of our current hygienists, Renee, was first trained in our office as a dental assistant and then went on to become a dental hygienist. Many of our current and past assistants were former patients who were mentored as well.

Each child or young adult is invited to spend time observing dentistry in our office. Depending on the age of the student, he/she may learn dental terminology, tooth structure, dental instruments, sterilization, basic dental assisting and how to help provide care to the patients, and the various specialties within the profession of dentistry. Many of the students need to write papers about their dental experiences and we’re happy to help with this task.

We have developed a program in conjunction with the UC Davis Pediatric Medical Residency Program to help future pediatricians study the unique aspects of pediatric dentistry. The medical residents complete educational dental modules and personally observe dental care at our office.

We work with students from Carrington College & Western Career College Extern Programs to train them to become accomplished dental hygienists and assistants. We also work with various ROP students to fulfill their requirements to become dental assistants.

If needed, our doctors are available to write college recommendations for those in the mentoring program.