Community Service

Supporting our community is very important to us. An essential part of who we are is our devotion to children in need. Throughout our 45 years of treating children, we have participated in and supported various organizations that encourage improved overall care for infants, children, teenagers and individuals with special health care needs. We have been active in Sacramento County’s Developmental Disability Council, Sutter Hospital and UC Davis Craniofacial Team, Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, the Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Advisory Board, and the First Five Commission. Both Dr. Cindy and Dr. Mike have chaired the Sacramento District Dental Health Committee for many years, helping implement various programs in the Sacramento area.  Dr. Jeff developed a children’s oral health brochure that has been praised and distributed among local and national dental organizations. Dr. Cindy and Dr. Jeff, along with the Weideman Team, have been acknowledged and awarded for the hours of dedicated service and exemplary dental care.

  • Make – A -Wish Foundation of Sacramento
  • Breakthrough Sacramento – Radically changing Sacramento’s youth in under-resourced schools
  • WIND Youth Services – A stepping stone for transitional homeless young adults
  • Convoy of Hope – Serving the dental needs of our local homeless community
  • Smiles For Kids/Give Kids A Smile – Free dental care families who have no resources to pay
  • Operation Backpack – Providing school supplies for children in need
  • Mustard Seed School – K-8 school activities for homeless children
  • Fairytale Town Health Fair – Dental Health screenings for Sacramento children

Cindy Weideman: Style Magazine’s 2011 Person of the Year

Cindy Weideman: Style Magazine's 2011 Person of the Year“Since day one I grew up with family members who helped out in the community and I wanted to carry on the tradition,” says Cindy. “I do it with dentistry because so many children in Sacramento don’t go to a dentist at all. They don’t have the means, the opportunities or the knowledge that they should go.”

For many years, Cindy dreamed of helping underprivileged children in the Sacramento area by establishing a dental clinic for those without coverage. After almost 2.5 years of planning and collaboration with the Sacramento First 5 Commission, of which Cindy is a commissioner, the Effort Oak Park Pediatric Dental Clinic opened in February 2011 and is the first of five state-of-the-art, non-profit pediatric dental clinics now scheduled to open in Sacramento County.

“My dream was to build a place where kids could feel happy, so I decided that what these underprivileged kids need is a comfortable place to go,” says Cindy. “I helped design the Oak Park clinic with a wildlife theme and my family members even pitched in with their artistic talents. Everyone put their hearts into it.”

Cindy has also put her heart into every community service endeavor she’s touched. She has participated in the annual Give Kids a Smile program since its inception in the ‘80s, where she sees about 100 kids in one day to provide free cleanings, fillings and more. She also adopts needy kids into her practice and performs extensive procedures. The list of her voluntary dental services extends through many organizations and events throughout the community and beyond, to as far as China, the Philippines and Peru.

“My favorite thing is just playing with the kids,” says Cindy. “A kid is just so fun. A child’s laugh is like going to heaven. Or they will just come up to you and hold your hand or hug you. That’s like my life’s reward and why I live. I’m so lucky to be able to enjoy children.”

Cindy Weideman is truly a child at heart. She has a huge passion for everything Disney, especially Disneyland, which she has made a personal goal of visiting every year of her life. And, most importantly, she loves to have fun – with her friends, family and anyone else interested in living life to the fullest. All of these qualities make her an ideal pediatric dentist; however, when it comes to her career she takes her role very seriously.

Dr. Jeff Sue, Awarded 2017 Dentist of the Year by the Sacramento Asian Dental Society

Dr. Jeff’s trip to the Philippines | 2011

Dr. Jeff Sue recently traveled to the Philippines with five dentists and seventeen dental students where they spent a week setting up a dental clinic and providing free dental care, toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste for 2,000 women, men, and children desperately needing care. We are very proud of Dr. Jeff. He is truly compassionate, which we see every day as he cares for our patients.

Dr. Jeff Sue's trip to the Philippines 2011 Dr. Jeff Sue's trip to the Philippines 2011

From the California Dental Association
Member Star 2010

Cindy Weideman: From the California Dental Association Member Star 2010

CDA Member: Dr. Cindy Weideman
Profession: Pediatric Dentist
CDA member since: 1989
Theatre: Encourage and support the artistic interests of my children.
Advocate: For underserved children. First 5 Sacramento Commissioner.
Children: My whole life revolves around my children and my child patients, I adore them.
Advice for new dentists: Find a great mentor.
Challenge: Developing a non-profit children’s dental clinic for Sacramento County.

Smiles For Kids

This program was started fourteen years ago by Sacramento dentists and has now spread throughout the United States. It is held on a Saturday during February (National Dental Health Month). Dental offices all over our country open their doors to provide free dental care for underprivileged children. Our local program is run by the Sacramento District Dental Society. The children who qualify are those who fall through the cracks in various other programs and are not eligible for dental care…but desperately need it.

We have been lucky enough to get to participate every year since the beginning of the program. We host an array of compassionate and highly professional dentists, hygienists, registered dental assistants, auxiliary staff members, and interpreters in our office who treat as many children as we can. It is a highly rewarding experience and genuinely enjoyed by all who participate.